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A quick look at

What We Do at Badlands Integrity

Service Area

We are a highly experienced team working throughout Western Canada to provide pipeline, facility integrity and environmental services to the energy sector.

Great Support

Badlands can assist our Clients with building and/or updating their company IMS. We enjoy helping our clients meet their business goals. There is joy found in assisting others to succeed

Quality Assurance

We ensure that the Integrity Management Programs are appropriate to the size and complexity of the company, helping our clients become and stay compliant to current regulations.

We have the experience and competency to put together cost effect programs customized for our client’s needs

Some services

We Provide

Pipeline Integrity

Badlands specializes in building, managing and auditing clients pipeline integrity management programs. This includes creating mitigation, monitoring, and inspection programs…

Pipeline Risk Assessment

Badlands Integrity pipeline risk model enables safe and efficient documents risk, tracks regulatory compliance and gives a clear overview of the integrity of oil and gas gathering systems…

Acquisitions and Divestitures

As businesses are acquiring and divesting pipelines and associated equipment our Badlands team excels in reviewing the integrity turnover documents to ensure all information has been transferred…

Chief Inspection

Badlands provides contract Chief Inspector services and support to clients for in-house quality management systems, or to act as the regulatory role of a thorough inspection agency; we provide these services for regulatory compliance…

Environmental & Land

Badlands can supply experienced and cost-effective management of wellsite retirement programs. Professional project management services for downhole abandonment, decommissioning, Phase 1 and 2 environmental assessments…

Field Services

Badlands provides project management for all events for the life of a pipelines. From construction to abandonment and everything in-between. We organize and implement all inspections, liner pulls, repairs, resumptions, removals…

Our Contacts

     Medicine Hat, AB